What is Latino Bambino?

Latino Bambino is a first-rate dance school based in London, which offers 45-minute Salsa fitness classes where mums wear their babies (from six weeks old and up) in carriers or slings whilst dancing to the pulsating Latin American tempo.

Salsa Baby

Our classes allow mothers to burn calories, improve cardiovascular endurance and posture, and shed-off their post-natal weight whilst building intimacy and trust with their baby.

The Latino Bambino classes are appropriate for all levels of fitness and dance abilities and are 100% baby friendly.  During the classes, mums are encouraged to work at their own pace and they can attend to the needs of their baby at any time if needed.

From Dancing at Home to Starting a Dance School of Her Own

Latino Bambino is the brainchild of our lead instructor, Urska Gestrin Mosquera, and is a continuation of all the work that she has done in the past.

Urska was a competitive Latin American and Ballroom dancer, and four-time national champion.  Urska competed at international level, and has taught Salsa to children and adults in different countries. She is a qualified Latin-American and Ballroom judge (adjudicator), and has over 15 years of experience in teaching dance including salsa.

She has trained children, teenagers and adults for international competitions and during this time raised national champions.

Salsa Baby

Urska is a member of the UKA (United Kingdom Alliance of professional teachers of dancing).  She has also trained with fitness training leaders, YMCA, and is a fully qualified ante and post-natal exercise teacher.

Mum of two, Urska says “After becoming a mother it was difficult to find time to commit to any form of exercise. I found myself dancing at home with my husband and my two little Latino Bambinos” and that's how the classes started in 2007.

Our Commitment

mum and baby salsa

At Latino Bambino, we are passionate about our Salsa Babiestm and Latino Bambinotm classes. We ensure that the choreography and exercises are thoroughly researched and that our teachers have gone through the intensive training program that we have developed. This assures our clients that our instructors are equipped to conduct classes in a manner that is safe and fun for the participants.

Our classes are suitable for mothers with babies who are six weeks or older. They must have had their six-week post-natal check-up, and should consult with their doctor before starting our workout or any other type of exercise. We also encourage dads, and baby sitters to experience the Salsa fun and the benefits of baby wearing!

It is the feedback from our Salsa Mumstm that drives us to be so passionate and commited about our salsa classes.  Over and Over again we hear mums say how much they look forward to the class and that it is their highlight of the week that helps them to unwind, uplift and get those endorphins going - All whilst bonding with their baby.

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