Latino Bambino in Your Living RoomBecause of Covid-19, face-to-face classes as we know them can’t continue for the time being but that doesn’t mean the parents have to be stuck at home running out of ideas as how to keep their little ones busy and active (and themselves sane!) with fun educational and structured activities. We’ve moved our studio classes to virtual ones! Now, you can join us from the comfort of your own home – live! Just as if you were with us in the studio (apart from physical distance 😉)

As this is a new world for all of us, we’ve prepared a few guidelines to help everyone get the most enjoyment out of virtual classes. We will be using a tool called Zoom for this, and we’re aiming to make your class feel as interactive as your studio classes ‘in real life’! But to make it really great, we need everyone to play their part – so please read on for some tips on how to make the most of online streaming classes.

1. Space

Find a safe comfortable space to serve as your ‘dance floor’.  Usually a living room.  It is recommended to use a device with a bigger screen such as a tablet or laptop or even TV if you have a connector, and position it safely out of direct reach of your toddler. Your experience will depend on the quality of a device and a size of the screen you’re watching from. Ideally position it so that the camera will be on them when dancing and singing so that the class practitioner can see them and talk to them.

2. Be visible!

Latino Bambino in Your Living RoomPlease resist the urge to switch off your camera! You’ll enjoy seeing everyone and their children dancing along, and your kids will love seeing themselves on screen too.

When your camera stays on the class practitioner can interact with you and your children in a live environment, and give you so much more than a recorded YouTube video. This is the whole point of this class. Try switching between the different view settings in Zoom (depending on your device) to find one that you prefer. We like the ‘Speaker’ view that lets you see your class leader as well as a few of the other families at the same time.

3. Take part

It’s the people that really make a class – so please join in with your child,  take part, sing along, dance, and move! Be present with your child, and get them involved – just as you would in a real class. 🙂

If you have any shakers, bells, scarves, ribbons etc. in stock at home, you might like to keep these close by ready for your classes. Or you could make some at home! Even if it’s just a Tupperware filled with rice or pasta. I’m sure there’s plenty of these foods in everyone’s home at the moment 😉

What to expect (the technical stuff)

Latino Bambino in Your Living RoomBefore you attend a virtual class, you will be asked to install Zoom on your device so please make sure you do this in advance. After that you can attend any Latino Bambino class within seconds, by clicking on the link in your booking email. 🙂

When you join, we suggest you pop your child’s name in when prompted, as this will help the host welcome your child and engage with them during the class, since their name will then be shown on the host’s scren.

Please respect other participants, and remember to click your link shortly before the start time, as it may be difficult for the host to check you on the register and let you into the room if you’re very late.

For the majority of the class, you’ll be put on ‘mute’ – this is so that everyone can hear the host clearly, and your kids can make as much noise as they like in the comfort of your own home.

What to bring with you

To make your online class experience as good as possible you’ll need:

Toddler Class

  • A shaker or two (can be home made with bottle and rice)
  • A lightweight scarf
  • A ribbon (you can make one by tying a lightweight scarf or a piece of fabric to a kitchen spatula)
  • 2 wooden sticks (kitchen spatulas are fine)
  • And any other small instrument you already have at home (bells, tambourine, etc)

Mum & Baby Class

  • Baby carrier (be ready before the class starts)
  • Exercise wear with appropriate shoes (trainers are good if you have a hard floor or socks/bear feet if carpet)
  • Bottle of water on hand

Latino Bambino in Your Living Room

You can join our online class here: