Marie-Laure (baby Etzi), Rotherhithe, Canada Water, Surrey Quays, Deptford
One word: great - No, in fact several words: original, fun, instructive as you do learn to dance and it adds so much bonding time with your baby. Baby Etzi and I love it and cannot wait for the next session. This is one of the rare places where you don't feel ill at ease if you have two left feet as me! Really really great.

Julie H. (baby Tilly), Rotherhithe, Canada Water, Surrey Quays, Deptford
Tilly and I love our Latino Bambino classes - it's definitely the highlight of our week!  Tilly's little legs start kicking with excitement as soon as she hears the music.  It's a really great fun way of getting some exercise with your baby.

Tanya (baby Willow), East Dulwich
I had always wanted to do a dance class before I became a mum, but never made time for it. Wanting to get fit after my pregnancy and labour was a great reason to start, and having baby Willow with me in the sling makes is so much fun. She's usually asleep within minutes, rocked by the dancing, and I'm proud to be showing her how mummy makes exercise a regular part of daily life. And Urska is a terrific teacher! She's had two kids herself and is in amazing shape! What a great example to inspire me!

Emma (baby Bailey), Rotherhithe, Canada Water, Surrey Quays, Deptford
We love Latino Bambino and it would not be overstating it to say that it is the highlight of our week.  It definitely becomes more of a workout as your baby gets bigger but then you get fitter too!  If Bailey has not fallen asleep by the end, then he can be kept amused with a maraca to play with throughout the class.  We would definitely recommend it to other mums and have been coming to classes for nearly five months.

Vicky (baby Perran), Greenwich, Blackheath, Charlton, Deptford
I enjoyed this class more than any other when I first had my baby. Good music, nice people, professional teacher-just great fun! We loved it.

Layla (baby ..), Rotherhithe, Canada Water, Surrey Quays, Deptford
Latino bambino is a great way to get moving when you've just had a
baby. It's fun for both mother and baby and it's easy to pick up as
you can go at your own pace. The music's nice and the instructor gives
clear direction to stop you from getting lost in the moves. I'd
recommend it to all new mums!

Mel O. (baby Agnes), East Dulwich
Agnes (3 months) and I really enjoy the Latino Bambino classes. The movement and music keep Agnes amused through the class and I get a really good workout dancing with 14lbs of baby. The length of class seems just right too, some other activities I've been too seem a bit too long to sustain her interest.

Adelia A. (baby Michael), Greenwich, Blackheath, Charlton, Deptford
I really enjoy it because it's something that we both can actively take part, I enjoy the movement and the music and Michael loves it too.

Helen T. (baby Gabriel), Greenwich, Blackheath, Charlton, Deptford
Gabriel and I are really enjoying the classes.  It's a really good workout.  Even though Gabriel is now 10 months and weighs a healthy 9 kg, we can still dance together.  So Latino Bambino is not just for the little ones!

Tracey J. (baby Rachel), Rotherhithe, Canada Water, Surrey Quays, Deptford
Latino Bambino salsa classes are fabulous! I feel like the most uncoordinated dancer of all the mums but that doesn't seem to matter; it is all good fun, excellent exercise and our babies love it whether they are asleep or awake in their carriers.

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